Top 3 e-commerce software for small businesses

If you are thinking of opening an e-commerce business this year, then you should know the options available to you. There are many e-commerce software available today, but you need to pick the right one for your business. Here are the top 3 e-commerce software that you can choose from.


Shopify offers a huge range of features and tools to help you create your online store. More than one million online stores are using Shopify for their e-commerce business. It is very easy to set up. You can choose from many professionally designed themes. Shopify takes the responsibility to host your store; so you need not worry about the technical aspects. You get 24-hour customer support every day. Shopify allows you to import catalogs easily, access various reports, and take care of your payment gateway. You get to choose your own domain name and get a free SSL certificate as well.


It is an open source e-commerce platform. It’s highly reliable and scalable. Many big companies like Huawei, Burger King, and others have built their sites using Magento. You get unlimited customization options here. It has more than 9000 plugins and free social media extensions.


A unique feature of this software is that it can convert a WordPress site to an online store. So, if you want to modify your existing WordPress site to an online store, then this is the right choice for you. You can set up the store very quickly. It has a modern interface, provides geo-location support and has payment gateways already installed.

The e-commerce software you choose depends on your need and preference. You should also consider your budget in choosing the software. All these software just mentioned are great for creating an online store. So, use one of these to start your online business today!