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Are you a software developer? Then you can write for our blog as a guest writer. We are looking for writers to provide interesting insights into our blog. The blog is meant for the amateur software developers and we want them to learn from advanced developers like you. We want you to provide practical guidance so that it helps in their software development process.

Submission requirements

  • Your article must be original.
  • It should not be published elsewhere.
  • It must be more than 700 words long.
  • If you mention any data or statistics, you should mention the sources.
  • Your article should include meta description tag.
  • Your article must be valuable to our new software developers.
  • Your articles must be well-structured and you must use headings and bullets whenever possible.
  • You may include images to complement your article. In such case, you must mention copyright related information.
  • Our editors have the right to edit your writing if they think it appropriate.

We don’t want you to write on a topic that has already been mentioned on our blog. So, read through our blog and see what articles we have published. You shouldn’t write an article for promoting a particular product or service. If you are interested in writing for us then please send an outline of your article along with the major points you are going to cover. If we like your concept, you will be asked to write the full article along with a short author bio and a photo. We hope to hear from you soon!